Audio and Video

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WBUR Commentaries (all audio clips are embedded in the stories)

The Phantom Hum: My Tinnitus is Real. It’s Also a Metaphor for Our Times
Why “A Case of You” is the Best Love Song of All Time
The Fleeting Hope and Wonder of Man on the Moon
In Praise of Old Friendships
Too Wrinkly to Rock? Confessions of an Aging Fan
Measurable Me: Some Thoughts on the Quantified Self
Does Caring for the Elderly Require Segregating Them?
Blizzard PTSD

Readings, Podcasts, and Interviews

Launch of “Burning and Dodging” — Julie’s reading and conversation with Jim Glickman
Political Literature: The Personal and the Political, an Intertwining Narrative
Walking the Tightrope: The Challenge of Memoir
Another Act (recording of personal essay published in The Wax Paper)
Video Interview on the Difference Between Nonfiction and Autobiographical Fiction

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